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In today’s fast-paced, cosmopolitan world, most women barely have time to catch their breath. So when you’re running between meetings, grabbing lunch with friends, and doing everything in between, make your day a little less hectic with one of our Macbook Sleeves.

You can be fierce and strong but also very wise and sensitive, and these are qualities that are truly inspiring to all of us. Our collections have often been qualified as quite masculine, but we’re proud that many inspiring women have taken a liking to Mujjo’s designs and added them to their every day carry. We pursue a design language that is clean, beautiful and universal, and it is meant to reflect the cool, daring personalities of the women that use our products.

The MacBook Sleeve is a good example of a Mujjo design that’s sophisticated and a little playful, and we think this aesthetic blends in seamlessly with most women’s everyday carry.

Designed to safely carry your Mac and a few extra bits (like a notepad and an iPhone charger), our beautifully simple Macbook Covers have become the trusted ally of many a working woman.

You can browse our collection here.


Pay anywhere, anytime

We like to keep things simple at Mujjo, even when we’re out commuting and shopping. Our Full Leather Wallet Cases for iPhone can store up to 3 of your essential cards, and if you use it to store a contactless bank card you can just tap your phone on the reader to make payments!

Our Full Leather Wallet Cases for iPhone can store up to 3 of your essential cards, and if you use it to store a contactless bank card you can just tap your phone on the reader to make payments!

No need to fumble about trying to find your card in your wallet, or even carry a wallet at all 💸.

And if you use Apple Pay, even better! You can use your phone to make payments, and use your Wallet Case to carry even more cards, like ID and commuter cards.

Check out our collections of Wallet Cases.


Home is where … the Mac is.

You go home, you take your jacket off, kick up your feet and what’s sitting there in the corner of your eye?

Your trusty mac, glistening with techy glee because you’re home.

Our Macbook Sleeve is sophisticated enough to belong in a boardroom, but our use of fuzzy felt and rich leather also makes for a really cosy, homey design that perfectly blend into your dwelling, like your favorite sofa.

So whether you’re out and about or enjoying a night in, our Sleeve will be useful and look dashing nonetheless. When you’re home, you can use it to store your notepad and a few USBs so that you know where they are (we always lose those buggers), and that way as soon as you need to take off, just slip your Mac into the Sleeve and you’re off to the races.

Check out our collections here.


Expertly-crafted Folio Sleeve for the new MacBook Pro 📏

You and your laptop travel a lot. You probably take it to meetings, lectures, bars and airports…

What better companion than a minimal sleeve to protect your stuff, and carry a few extra bits like a hard drive or a notepad? All while remaining sleek and stylish.

Our new folio is dominated by a premium full-grain vegetable-tanned leather panel that’s expertly selected and co-developed to get more beautiful with wear. It’ll keep your MacBook shielded, while gaining character as you use it. The rest of the sleeve, and the inside, is constructed of our beloved felt, that’s been specially treated to be water-repellent and anti-pilling. A YKK zipper extends through 3 sides of the sleeve, this creates a huge U-shaped opening to make life that much easier.

The result is a protective cover that will accompany you through life, and gain some beautiful character along the way.

We hope you enjoy it just as much as we enjoyed making it.

This sleeve has been designed to securely carry the all new 13” Macbook Air, Pro and its 3rd gen predecessor.

Now available for purchase and immediate dispatch on (free worldwide shipping).


Monaco Blue for the latest iPhone

Picture this: you’ve got an important client meeting in the morning, hanging out with your mates in the afternoon and a big first date in the evening. How on earth do you look the part for each of them while still keeping it interesting?

Two words: Monaco blue.

We selected a deep shade of blue that contrasts beautifully with the iPhone X’s black face and picks up very subtle hints of purple and green in different lighting. It’s a striking blue, fit for a day at the office or a day at the track, while remaining formal when it needs to. Rest assured, you can go about your day looking the part, whatever the part, knowing you’ll make a good impression.

These cases are crafted to fit the iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xr. But they’re also available as a wallet – a winning combination that adds a pouch on the back, providing opening sized to fit up to 3 cards, while the durable leather pocket is capable of stretching to fit 4 or 5.

Available for order on (ships worldwide). Get these while stocks last.


Need we say more..

They say lightning can’t strike twice, but turns out that it can. We pioneered the world’s first 5-finger touchscreen gloves years ago, and we’ve now given it a complete upgrade.

While maintaining their touchscreen capacity we gave them a much stealthier look by impregnating the fabric with a highly conductive treatment. The triple-layer top is laminated with 3M™ Thinsulate™ for excellent insulation.

The smooth outer stretch-knit surface that resists wind is sturdy and durable on the outside, while a layer of fleece makes them soft and warm on the inside. We’ve also completely rethought the layout of the silicone pattern.

Touchscreen tech that never fails, now in triple black.

Need we say more..

Get these while stocks last before the weather really turns.


Our famed touchscreen gloves are back

We’re based in the Netherlands, and that means two things: 1) the weather is awful at the minute; 2) we bike around, and when you bike in the freezing cold, your hands basically get frostbite. So what better time than now to revise our beloved touchscreen glove?

We’ve engineered a triple-layer construction that’s topped with 3M’s state-of-the-art thinsulate technology, which makes these gloves perfectly wind-resistant. There aren’t many things that are worse than feeling the cold wind stream through to your hand, but not to worry, we’ve got it covered.

We’ve perfectly blended in the tech so that it complements the stealthy look of the glove, the fabric is impregnated with a highly conductive treatment before being weaved into a slim, stretchy profile to fit your hand.

We’ve also completely rethought the layout of the silicone pattern and made it look much cleaner.

The result is a sophisticated, clean glove that won’t let you down when the weather turns. Go forth unto the cold, and do your thing. Our gloves have got you covered. Literally.

Available for order on (ships worldwide).

Our iconic leather cases, specially designed for iPhone Xr

Ah yes, the iPhone Xr enthusiast. We know the type of person you are. Fun, but still got stuff to get done. Tasteful, but different. We’ve got something that’s just right for you.

We believe in simplifying life, and appreciating the little things. That’s why we put a lot of thought into our cases for the iPhone Xr. They feature our classic leather pocket design, which allows you to carry your essentials and ditch the bulky wallet. We’ve also ensured peace of mind when it comes to protecting your device, by seamlessly wrapping it in full-grain leather, and the edges are ever so slightly raised so that the screen doesn’t touch a surface if you put it down. Specially designed, our cases complement the iPhone’s graceful curvature, without distracting from that all-screen display. Simply put, they’re subtle stunners.

Check out our specially designed collection of cases for the iPhone Xr here.


Dutch ingenuity, at your service.

Mujjo’s Leather Wallet Case: a simple but brilliant idea that turns your iPhone into your wallet – so the only other thing you need to remember are your keys.

The Leather Wallet Case adds a pouch on the back to create a winning combination that is designed to make your day to day life more convenient. The well-known Mujjo original is widely praised and used by a growing numbers of devotees. Marked by a slant line and stitched securely to the back, it provides an opening sized to fit 2 to 3 bank, ID or commuter cards.

“So there you go, no fuss when you’re leaving the house or out and about. Travel light and with peace of mind.

Dutch ingenuity, at your service.”

Available for order on (ships worldwide).


It’s the little things

If everything isn’t considered and reconsidered, the design is in danger of being too cluttered or not durable enough. At Mujjo, we like to consider the details.

Speaking of details, the buttons are fully covered in leather, which adds to the sleekness of the overall design. The optimised button profile is specifically designed and tested for responsiveness and ease of use – the result of a production process that we’ve meticulously refined.

The camera opening and mute button are tapered inwards for effortless use and a smooth aesthetic.

The case sits 1mm above the edge of the glass, creating a raised bezel that keeps abrasive surfaces away from your screen.

Even the stitching is meticulously thought through so that it strengthens weak spots without compromising the design.

Available for order on (ships worldwide).

A winning combination for iPhone Xs and Xs Max

Mujjo’s Leather Wallet Case: a simple but brilliant idea that turns your iPhone into your wallet – so the only other thing you need to remember are your keys.

We like to keep things simple at Mujjo, the slim profile is fully wrapped with our acclaimed full-grain leather – co-developed to create durable finishes that get more beautiful with wear – to offer protection from everyday knocks and bumps while adding a warmer and ‘grippier’ feel.

Staying true to iPhone Xs’ silhouette, following the curves of the device to form a sleek and well-balanced design that looks and feels right – and, so some say, make the iPhone look even better.

The cases exude immaculate craftsmanship, delivered through the high quality of the full-grain vegetable-tanned leather, which looks terrific when you first start using the case – and even better over time when it’s had a chance to patina.

And if you don’t want to use your iPhone as a wallet, we’ve still got you covered. Crafted from the same full-grain veg-tan leather we use on the rest of our phone cases, the new collection of leather cases for iPhone Xs and Xs Max showcase our classic design ethos: beautifully simple and slender designs, elevated by premium materials.

Available for order on (ships worldwide).

Dads are pretty cool

The dad is a mysterious creature. They can, and will, drive you completely insane, this is scientific fact. However, their skill to rebrand this as affection for you is unmatched.

“It’s for your own good”; “you’ll know what it’s like when you’re older”.

The thing is, when you do get older, you realise the bugger was right all along. The good, the bad, the downright weird, you start to realise that dad did all those things for one reason: to do the best he could for you.

So yes, we think it’s more than fair for dads to have their special day marked in the calendar. If you want to show him your gratitude towards him, may we recommend our range of travel accessories? If your dad uses an Apple device, we just might have the perfect gift to say thank you to him.

Something classy, something well-made, something he’ll cherish every time he uses it. Browse our collection of leather accessories.

Either way, cheers to all the dad and happy father’s day everyone.

Picture by @mrgumbatron


An ode to black ♠♠♠

People think Henry Ford only allowed his customers to buy a Model T in black because making all the cars in black was the cheapest.

People are wrong.

Henry Ford painted all his cars black because it is the single most fascinating tone there is…Or not.. Anyways, it’s associated with rebellion (the world’s most famous rockers debuted black denim), class (smoking jackets, tuxedos…) and a bit of mystery (space).

It’s bold in its depth and richness, but paradoxically it’s inherently subtle and stealthy as well (you brain interprets black as missing colors – it cannot “see” it). That’s quite a cocktail.

You can probably tell we like black quite a bit. That’s why it was important for us to get the shade of black for our travel accessories just right. If you like black just as much as we do, check out our collections here.

Image by @kohlmurdock


You completely forgot about mother’s day didn’t you.

Mothers. Pretty much the beginning of everything, ever. They’re not only responsible for us being here, they’re also the guiding hand that’s made us who we are today. Mum was the one that cooked you awesome food growing up, she’s the one who convinced dad to get you that thing you desperately wanted, and she took care of you every time you were sick and never made a fuss about it.

You think you’re tough as nails? Look at mum.

SO yes, mum needs to be spoilt sometimes as well, because she’s done a hell of a lot for us. Anything we can do to show some appreciation is the least we can do.

Browse our collection of leathertravel accessories to find a gift that she’ll use everyday, and be constantly be reminded about how you’re her favorite child.

Picture by @_coffeeandthingsdiary.


Shout Out to Koi 🌘🌑🌒 Check out this Custom piece

We came across this on Insta and thought you guys had to see it;

Koi used our classic Black Leather Case as a canvas for her stunning work.

This is the sort of customer our products are aimed at. Courageous creatives and go-getters, people who are unafraid of hard work to make something meaningful. People that experiment, discover and share the fruit of their work with others. At Mujjo, we like to think we have a similar mindset: we spend months designing and creating simple products, with an aim to make them as beautiful and useful as possible, so that you guys can easily and gracefully carry whatever you might need during the day. It’s no easy task, but we love it all the same.

Shout out to Koi and to all of you who keep pushing forward and creating. We hope you embrace our products like Koi has, and that they become your trusted companions for your everyday life, so that you can keep inspiring the rest of us.

Picture by: @urbanxkoi


Full Leather Wallet Case for Galaxy S9 is finally here

Our loyal fans relish our Full Leather Wallet Cases. They’re sleek, practical and they age beautifully. Everyone who starts using them to carry their essential cards simply can’t go back to other, less convenient cases.

This luxury, though, has only been available for iPhone users.

Until now, of course.

After vast amounts of questions and demands from Samsung users, months of meticulous designing and many prototypes, we’re proud to finally unveil our long-awaited Full Leather Wallet Case collection for Galaxy S9. And the best part? They come in our latest and greatest leather finish: Olive, beloved by many Mujjo fans across the globe.

You asked, we delivered.

Crafted from the same full-grain veg-tan leather we use on the rest of our phone cases, this new collection showcases our classic design ethos: beautifully simple and slender designs, elevated by premium materials.

You can check out our Full Leather Wallet Cases for Samsung Galaxy S9 here.

And if you’re an iPhone user? You’ve come to the right place. Our cases for iPhone are what we’re famed for, and have gained worldwide acclaim. Check them out here.


We’ll only ever settle for the best, and so should you

When we founded Mujjo, we set off to make the best products we possibly could. And we still do to this day, because otherwise what’s the point?

We live in a world where resources are scarce and mass-made goods aren’t created with respect for craftsmanship or the environment. That’s why we’re proud of what we do here, because we’re completely obsessed with making the best products we can, and constantly improving them.

We’ve co-developed the finest leather that gets more beautiful with wear rather than wearing out. Our metal hardware is purpose-built in-house because that’s the only way we can guarantee quality. We even spend days deliberating on the stitching of our products. And we’re quite proud of our use of felt, because not only does it look cool and feel soft, it’s also durable, water repellent, sustainably sourced and biodegradable.

We know our customers care about quality just as much as we do, and we’re humbled that so many of you have encouraged us on our journey to make the best products we possibly can.

The result is a collection of products that will accompany you through life, and gain some beautiful character along the way.

Browse our collections of Leather Cases for iPhone X, iPhone 8 or have a look at your premium macbook sleeves.

Picture by @trasaputra.


Go on, get exploring.

The cold winter mornings, the 4 hours of sunlight a day, the brisk winds that assault your face as soon as you walk out the door…it all gets a bit knackering after a while.

When we feel a bit slumped by the winter blues, we like to start thinking about where we’ll spend our summer break.The mind is very inspired at this point: it is much easier to think of good places to go when all you want to do is get away from the cold.

Need a remedy? Get yourself some coffee and plan your next escape, and be sure to take one of our wallet cases with you when the time comes. Bank cards, hotel cards, ID…our cases make for a dependable travel companion, keeping all your essentials safe in a sleek, stylish package.

You see at Mujjo, we do love a good holiday, and for this reason we’re quite proud of what we do. Our Full Leather Wallet Cases really come in handy when we go on holiday: they can hold our boarding passes, our credit cards, ID, the hotel card…It’s very liberating to go to the beach and know your phone stores all your important bits, and you don’t have to risk losing it all in a big duffle bag.

Our MacBook Sleeves are also a hit with travellers: you can safely carry your Mac, your hard disk with some movies and a notepad in one sleek package.

Go on, get exploring. We’re ready when you are 🌴.

Picture by @wimboprakoso.


Have you taken the time to treat yourself?

This period can always become a bit of a drag. Xmas and NY celebrations were a while ago, and now we’re all stuck in our work. 😓 But hey, we’re all in the same boat here. We all put up with a lot and we keep trucking along, but once in awhile you just need a breather.

So we ask, have you taken the time to treat yourself a bit?

Get a pamper, go out to dinner, whatever you fancy…just give yourself a break.

If you consider luxury travel accessories as a treat, then Mujjo is one of the finest conveyors of such treats. We’re here to help.

Browse our collections of Leather Cases for iPhone X, iPhone 8 or have a look at your premium macbook sleeves and find a little reward for yourself.

Picture by @Joasvd


A luscious Tan

There’s a few reasons why our original color collection featured tan, and why it’s become a bit of a Mujjo trademark.

It’s a nice balance between sophistication and playfulness. It’s not as sober as black, but it’s not otherworldly either. It’s also just a mesmerising color to admire, and its rustic, artisanal aspect matches the iPhone’s clinical, industrial design perfectly. This is such a beautiful pair that seems to fascinate not just us, but almost half of all of our customers.

But surely the part we like the most about our tan products is that they’re the ones that experience the most change over time. They go from a slick, vivid caramel color to a deep, rich, dark amber, as a result of manipulating the leather with your hands and scuffing it up a bit. Tan is the finish that best reflects your time with the product, and it gains a lot of character as a result, like your favorite pair of jeans or a trusty leather jacket.

Browse our collection of leather iPhone cases here.

Picture by @denniemaxpfau


Ah yes, Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day can be a bit like shopping for furniture sometimes. You’re with your loved one and it all starts out great, but then out of nowhere it starts spiralling out of control, and somehow you end up eating fast food.

Just us? Noted.

Anyway, the point is Valentine’s Day can be a little bit stressy when it needn’t be. Sort out the present, sort out the restaurant, be romantic and the rest is easy. We can help with one of those: the present.

At Mujjo, we pride ourselves on creating products that cannot disappoint. Thousands use our iPhone Cases, our MacBook Sleeves and our Touchscreen Gloves, and we received positive comments about them every day. So whether it’s an upgrade for your iPhone or a luxurious pair of gloves, get your companion something they’ll use everyday and make them go “ 😲 you shouldn’t have”.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Browse our collection of leather goods here.

Picture by @rickymtthw


You and your laptop travel a lot

You probably take it to lectures, meetings, cafés, airports… What better companion than a minimal sleeve to protect your stuff, and carry a few extra bits like a hard drive or a notepad? All while remaining sleek and stylish.

Browse our collection of Macbook Sleeves.

Image by @theygrayhaus


.. And a Happy new year

It’s been a bit of a hectic year for us at Mujjo. Looking back, it seems people have enjoyed our products across the line. We wanted to share with you some of the kind things that have been said about our work. :)

We’re humbled by the responses we’ve received, and we fully embrace your confidence in us to consistently deliver the finest products.

We will always strive to improve, and we hope to amaze you even further in the New Year.

Finally, some premium cases worthy of the X’s design.
Economic Times

My favorite cases to date, bar none, are the leather cases from Mujjo.

It looked so pristine out of the box
The Verge

Mujjo makes some of the finest leather cases you can buy for iPhone.

The Mujjo Touchscreen Gloves are quite simply the best touchscreen compatible gloves you’ll find.

Available in either tan or black, the minimalist design makes Mujjo stand out even from other leather cases.

Mujjo’s attention to detail and quality construction is seen throughout.
New York Magazine

Mujjo’s Touchscreen Gloves were my favorite hands down.
New York Magazine

I genuinely don’t have any negatives about the Mujjo Leather Case


Bring on the festivities with some Champagne

It’s that time of year when we get together with our loved ones and have a bit of a celebration. We look back at the year and have a think about how it went. Yes, we’ve all missed out on things and it got a bit rough at times, but we all made it through, and we did some pretty cool stuff along the way.

At Mujjo, we always enjoy taking a breather and celebrating with each other, and that’s why we feel a bit special about Champagne. It’s the fundamental celebration drink, and it’s linked to emotions of joy and achievement.

We wanted to capture a bit of that emotion with our collection of Champagne cases. We painstakingly tried to reflect the beautifully subtle golden hue of Champagne with our new leather finish, to remind people of the good times they spent clinking glasses with their loved ones.

In the end, those are the moments that count the most.

Available as a Leather Case or a Wallet, designed for iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, also fits 7 and 7 Plus, available at


We all deserve a treat for Xmas

Sure, the whole consumerist-materialist aspect of Xmas always gets knocked down every year, and rightfully so. As much as Xmas is about being with your loved ones, it’s also tainted with spending a ton of money on ourselves and using the holiday as justification for it.

Despite this, there is something to be said for gifts of quality. Not the little nick nacks and formalities that get forgotten after a week, but gifts that are genuinely thoughtful, that are meant to be used every day and that will become an important part of someone’s life. These gifts are much more than just a physical object, they’re an appreciation for a person and an attempt to present them with a lifelong companion.

We like to think our products fall under that category, that’s part of the reason why we’re so obsessive about quality. Our iPhone Covers, MacBook Sleeves and Touchscreen Gloves, they’re all crafted to the highest standards, made to be used and cherished.

So if you’re looking for a gift that’s more than just a gesture and something much more usable and meaningful, maybe we can help.

Browse our collection on